Luxury Market


Luxury Market

Dani Maia is an expert in the French luxury market! 

Dani Maia is from Rio de Janeiro, she has been living in Paris for 10 years, with experience in four countries: Brazil, Germany, Belgium and France. She speaks four languages (Portuguese, German, French and English) and in her international journey she became a reference in the French luxury market. 

Founder of DMHLuxury Consulting, a company that promotes theoretical courses and immersions in different segments and in the most emblematic French maisons full of stories and savoir-faire.

DMHLuxury Consulting is totally tailor-made for individual clients or small groups (3 or 4 propre) interested in immersions in the universes of fashion, beauty, savoir-vivre, gastronomy, decoration, art and lifestyle. Dani Maia is an excellent digital communicator of her various Parisian lifestyle experiences and her travels around the world. In addition, Dani is also an international correspondent for the magazines Mensch, Mural and Magazine Lifestyle.

The international know-how and the MBA in Luxury Market taken in Paris turned Dani Maia into an inspiration, as she presents the savoir-faire of the maisons, explains the non-negotiable codes of luxury that can be applied in various sectors, serving also as references for companies that do not belong to the luxury segment, but that seek to position themselves differently in their niches. Dani offers exclusive advice and develops special projects with her immense expertise in brands such as: Baccarat, Fendi, Chaumet, Maison Bouchra, Hotel Ritz Paris and others.

Dani Maia, an expert in the French luxury market! Founder of DMHLuxury Consulting and « Tour Mercado de Luxo »